Q: Is there a fee to become a consignor?

Q: When do I receive my profit check from the sale?

Q: Are my husband and children allowed to come and shop at the pre-sale Friday night?

Q: What is the percentage for consignors and for Berks Kids Closet?

Q: What type of paper do I use for a tag?

Q: What size hangers do I use?

Q: Which direction should my hanger face?

Q: When do I drop off my items?

Q: When do I pickup my unsold items?

Q: How do I hang pants?

Q: How do I sell & tag a pair of shoes?

Q: Why do I need to bring 1 self addressed stamped envelope to the sale?

Q: How do I volunteer for the sale?

Q: Who is allowed to shop at the PRE-SALE on Friday night?

Q: Will I have the same consignor number for each sale?

Q: How often do you host the sales?

Q: How do I display my consignor tag on toys and book and other non clothing items?

Q: How do I get to the Leesport Farmers Market?

Q: How do I get to the Lebanon Expo Center?

Q: I have an advertising sign. How do I return it?