Q: Is there a fee to become a consignor?

A: Yes, there is $10.00 per consignor, per sale registration fee(one per household). The registration fee will be taken out of your profit check after the sale. If your profit check is less than $10.00, then you will have a remaining balance on your account for next sale.

Q: When do I receive my profit check from the sale?

A: After 14 BUSINESS days or 19 calendar days following the sale date. A business day is Monday through Friday. The 19th calendar day is the 3rd Thursday after the sale. Please bring 1 self addressed business size(#10) envelope on the “drop off” day.

Q: Are my husband and children allowed to come and shop at the pre-sale Friday night?

A: YES!!! You may bring your family members plus two friends to our Friday PRE-SALE. You may also bring your kids in a stroller to the Friday PRE-SALE.

Q: What is the percentage for consignors and for Berks Kids Closet?

A: Consignors earn up to 70% of their profit and Berks Kids Closet uses the remainder of your profit for expenses.

Q: What type of paper do I use for a tag?

A: Index card paper.  If you use regular paper, it will tear off the item and you will lose the sale. For hand-written tags, half of a 3×5 index card is the best choice. For printed tags, use index card 8.5×11 paper is discussed in the How To Manual.  Use a safety pin (no stick pins) to secure the tag to the item. Be careful not to cover your writing with the safety pin.

Q: What size hangers do I use?

A: All children’s clothing must be on children-size hangers. All teen clothing must be on adult-size hangers. Contact local merchant’s service desk for children-size hangers since they often discard used hangers.

Q: Which direction should my hanger face?

A: The hanger should look like a “question mark” when you are looking straight at the article of clothing.

Q: When do I drop off my items?

A: Drop off is on the Friday before the sale from 9am to 3pm. The doors close at 3pm.  For working parents, there is a late drop-off from 5 pm – 7:30 pm.

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Q: When do I pickup my unsold items?

A: Pickup is on the day of the sale after the sale ends. The sale ends at 2pm but there are lingering customers, so we suggest pickup closer to 2:30-4pm. Any items left after 4:00pm will be donated to charity.
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Q: How do I hang pants?

A: Put the hanger down the waistband of the pants and safety pin the pants to the hanger. Make sure the pants are secure to the hanger. Our customers want to see the knees of the pants. Do not have your pants folded on the hanger. You may use “pant” hangers that clamp at each side of the waistband.

Q: How do I sell & tag a pair of shoes?

A: Put the pair of shoes in a large Ziploc bag. Put your consignor tag INSIDE the bag. Seal the bag with packing tape. That way your shoes will stay together. You may tie your shoes together. Put a safety pin threw the laces so the pin will help keep your shoes together. Have your consignor tag pinned on the laces.

Q: Why do I need to bring 1 self addressed stamped envelope to the sale?

A: The self addressed stamped envelope is for your profit check to be sent to your house. This ensures that we have your correct address! Please use a standard business size envelope(#10, size: 4 1/8″ by 9 1/2″)!

Q: How do I volunteer for the sale?

A: Click here to submit a volunteer request

Q: Who is allowed to shop at the PRE-SALE on Friday?

A: Consignors, volunteer workers, and people with advertising signs are only allowed to shop at the PRE-SALE. These people may bring two friends and family members to shop also. You may also bring your kids in a stroller to the Friday PRE-SALE.

Advertisers shop from 12 pm – 8 pm

Volunteers shop from 3 pm – 8 pm

Consignors shop from 5 pm – 8 pm

Q: Will I have the same consignor number for each sale?

A: Your consignor number is yours for life. The same number and tag format may be used for both Berks Adult Closet and Berks Kids Closet sales!

Q: How often do you host the sales?

A: Berks Kids Closet has a sale every 6 months.

September/October – Fall & Winter clothes
March/April – Spring & Summer clothes.

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Q: How do I display my consignor tag on toys and book and other non clothing items?

A: Use packing tape to secure the tag to the item. You may stick it anywhere on the product. Please make sure your description of the product is clear in case the tag falls off.

Q: How do I get to the Lebanon Expo Center?

A: www.lebexpo.org

80 Rocherty Road, Lebanon, PA 17042
(717) 273-3670

Click Here for Directions

Q: I have an advertising sign. How do I return it?

A: You can either return the sign to the sale location or we will pickup.
If you are able to return your sign, then let us know that you returned the sign:
-Attach a piece of tape to the sign post and write your name on the tape OR
-Send us an email(judy@berkskidscloset.com) telling us you returned the sign

Leave the sign in its location as long as possible up until the sale completion. If you plan to return to pickup your merchandise after the sale, then please return the sign at that time.

If you are not able to return your sign, then please remove it from your yard after the sale and place it in a visible place near your house. If sign is not in an obvious location for pickup, then please tell us where to find it.

Q: What tagging supplies do I need?

A: See our Shopping List at our Amazon Affiliate Store. NOTE: As
an Amazon Affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases.