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I honestly want to thank everyone at the Lebanon drop off today… i was the lady with the screaming baby & dead minivan… so many people were willing to help me & so many did.. i have horrible anxiety and I felt it creeping up on me as things just kept going wrong.. but the generosity of those who all lent a hand shut it out … you all made a difference today for me.. thank you

– Consignor, March 2020

Judy and Chris- Thank you!!! Thank you so much for organizing all of this and making it happen!!! Without this sale I don’t think I’d ever sell my stuff, this sale makes it so easy for me get some money from my kids outgrown things. Thank you soooo much!!! You two are awesome!!!

– Sue S.
Consignor & Shopper, September 2014

I really appreciate all the work you put into this event.

– Kristen A.
Consignor & Shopper, September 2014

I had SUCH a great time this weekend shopping and volunteering. This was my first time as a consignor, and I can’t wait to do it again. Your security staff – Brian, Chris, etc. – are such an amazing team, and the kids walking around with drinks and snacks for the volunteers couldn’t have come at a better time. I spent the day as a reader, and I was parched when they came around. I would definitely love to be part of the next sale. Thank you again!

Best regards,

– Billie Jo C.
Consignor & Shopper, September 2014

Got some awesome goodies! Thanks for a wonderful sale!

– Brittany B.
Shopper, September 2014

Made out very well today! As a first time shopper I must give a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers! What kind and helping people!!

– Lauren B.
Shopper, September 2014

Wonderful Sale! We got so many good things, it is worth to go!!! I think I’m going back for the half off sale!

– Jeannette D.
Shopper, September 2014

I’m going to register again this year because I had a lot of fun last year and the turn out was amazing. Thank you for all the time, effort, and hard work you put into this sale.

– Lindsey K.
Consignor & Shopper, July 2014

I can’t wait until the sale. With three little ones…one starting school for the first time and a low budget…this sale helps us out so much!

– Jessica F.
Consignor & Shopper, July 2014

Found awesome deals, great brand names and Sold 95% of my items!!!!! can’t wait for my check!!! Win win for all!!!!!! Wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for such an organized sale with lots of awesome volunteers!!!

– Kelly
Consignor & Shopper, April 2014

Went down with 2 huge totes, and 4 18 gallon totes. Came home with 1/2 of a 18 gallon. I am thinking it was an excellent sale. Hope everyone else did just as good as me. Thanks everyone for all your hard work!

– Shelley W.
Consignor & Shopper, April 2014

Well done as usual …..well oiled machine you got going there. Loved the deals I got…and so do the kids!!

– Laura D.
Shopper, April 2014

Amazing sale today!

– Heather I.

Consignor & Shopper, March 2014

My check arrived in the mail this morning. Thanks so much for all you do to run these sales! I’ve benefitted greatly by both buying and selling.

– Nikki B.
Consignor & Shopper, March 2014

Thank you Judy for all the hard work you, your husband and family do to provide us all with such a well organized event for buying and selling!

– Elizabeth B.
Consignor & Shopper, March 2014

I went to the last two sales at Lebanon and the one last spring at Leesport. I was thrilled to be able to get lots of maternity clothes at affordable prices last spring when I was pregnant. And got a few cute things for my sweet little boy at the fall Lebanon sale. I have definitely become a fan of your sales and have told lots of people about them.

– Carrie S.
Shopper, Fall 2013

I just had to say thank you for organizing such a great event. This was my first time consigning and I was amazed at how smoothly and organized the entire event was. I had such a great time shopping, and picking up some goodies for my little one. I look forward to the spring sale! My mom enjoyed volunteering too – thanks for such a positive experience.

– Megan S.
Consignor & Shopper, Fall 2013

Thank you so much for having this sale. We had a great time shopping tonight! I can’t believe all the nice stuff we got for so little money! We’ll definitely put a sign out again next time around.

– Sam J.
Shopper, Fall 2013

Thank you Judy. I had a blast. Can’t wait for the spring sale.

– D. McLendon
Consignor & Shopper

My check arrived today. Thank you so much for all the work you put into making this sale so successful! I was very happy with what I was able to sell this fall.

– L. Good
Consignor & Shopper

Judy, I just wanted to let you know that this is the very first consignment sale that I participated in and I have to say I will continue to do it! I had such a great experience there! You are VERY organized and it was nice to see how active you were throughout the entire process! Thanks again Judy for such a wonderful experience!!

– Becky S.
Consignor & Shopper

Thank you again for your help!! Incredible, over and above customer service!!

– Debbie B.

Judy, Wow it was an interesting first sale for me! Bottom line I will now be a regular 🙂 I learned a lot on how to make it easier for me.
I must say I really like your whole way about you and how the sale is run and your personality, I will definitely be a seller at both Leesport sales every year from now on. Thank you so much for all your help prepping for this! I had a fun time! And I cleared out for new stuff! Amazing on how that building got cleared out! Impressive!

– Monika S.
Consignor & Shopper

Berks Kids Closet is the best thing I could have ever done. I have had a couple yard sales in my life time and I have never sold as much as I have sold at the Berks Kids Closet sale, not to mention I don’t have to mark everything for under $1.00, give things away, or be haggled down lower than the price that is marked. I have volunteered at almost every sale and I’m amazed by the number of people that come through the building and the amount of things that are sold in those 6 hours. I’ve never counted the people, but I bet it’s well over a thousand people at one location where your items are in a very short amount of time. It’s AMAZING!!!! At every sale I have participated in, I have taken a full van load of things and normally come home with a couple tubs of clothing, toys and books that haven’t sold. If you are looking to just get the things out of your house, you can leave everything there and it’s donated to a charity. If you want to bring your unsold items home, it’s all ready marked for the next sale and there is no work involved with it except for storing it. It’s really a win-win situation. Yes there is work to marking your things, but not anymore so then setting up for a yard/garage sale and having to physically be there the entire day to only sell some of your things and not have the amount of people you have coming to the Berks Kids Closet sale. It’s really a no brainer!!!

As a shopper, each sale I have been involved with has gotten bigger and better with more merchandise being sold and the great deals on clothing and toys. It’s a great place to shop and sell your merchandise.

– Michele D.

Berks Kid’s Closet is absolutely the best way to sell my children’s outgrown toys, books and clothing. I used to sell through traditional consigment stores, but it was much more work and took so much longer to see a return. By selling through Berks Kid’s Closet I can get rid of all of my stuff in one weekend. Plus, I quickly receive a nice check that I can use towards purchasing new clothes for my kids (or me!). So much easier!!!
The owners of Berk Kid’s Club are parents of five and know how expensive it can be to buy kids clothes and toys each seaon! Their sale is well run and organized and I always trust that the items I buy are high quality, clean and in good working order. Thank you Berks Kids Closet for putting always together such a great sale!!!

– Jenny M.

I first heard about this sale from my sister-in-law who was a consignor and still remember how excited my husband – yes, a man shopping! – was the first time he went to this sale. He came home with some great items that they still are enjoying three years later. Now, as a consignor, I love to see my kids’ outgrown clothing and toys going to another family at a great price. Plus, having a monetary return on all of the clothes and toys and baby gear that you spend money on is fantastic!

This sale is one of the largest consignment sales I have seen in the area, but is so well-organized and managed that Fake watches you don’t have to spend hours combing through every rack or table or standing in line at the checkout.

– Ali W.

This awesome sale helps me furnish both of my childrens fall and summer wardrobes at a fraction of the cost of new clothing!

– Laura E.

This is the best consignment sale around!!!!! Judy does a fantastic job at organizing and running the sale!!!! I can shop for all 5 of my kids wardrobe, all by while earning money by consigning! What a great deal!!
I ♥ Berks Kids Closet!

– Kelly A.
Consignor & Shopper