About Our Sale

The sale will be held every six months (Fall & Winter clothes & Spring & Summer clothes) at The Lebanon Expo Center.
Merchandise “drop off” time is 9 am- 3 pm. As a consignor, you will be able to come back  from 5 pm – 8 pm to shop at our pre-sale. You will be able to shop before the public. The pre-sale is only open to consignors & workers. Workers/Volunteers get to shop at our pre-sale from 3 pm until 8 pm.

The sale is open to the public on Saturday, from 8 am – 3 pm.

Our sales are super successful. There are always A LOT of people standing in line early Saturday morning to shop. We sell a massive amount of merchandise in a short period of time.


As a consignor, you earn up to 70% of what you sell at the sale and the remainder goes towards expenses for the sale such as advertising, hall rental, office supplies, etc…..

The sale will be open from 8 am until 3 pm. From 1 pm – 3 pm, we offer items half off. IF you choose not to have your items sell at half price, you need to highlight your price tag. The item will not be sold half off if the price tag is highlighted.

Each consignor is given a consignor number. All of your items that you bring to the sale will have your consignor number on the tag so you get credit for each item that is sold at the sale. Your consignor number is your number for life. After fourteen BUSINESS days, you will receive your profit check. The check will include a print out of all of the price points that were sold under your consignor number. You will be able to see how we came up with your total. Our books are open for you to review at any time.

All of the items that you bring to the sale on Friday will have to be tagged before coming to the sale. Consignors are responsible for putting away their merchandise. You must pre-register before the sale. The tagging information is in our How To Manual. Once you receive your consignor number, the manual shows you an example of a price tag and what we accept and what we do not accept. Such as, we do not accept stuffed animals & car seats, cribs. We do accept strollers and kid’s clothes, kid’s furniture, toys, books, bikes, pack-n-plays, shoes, bedding, puzzles, dvds, coats, bedding, baby items, and everything else that has to do with kids. We also accept maternity clothing! The manual explains everything about the sale. The tagging process is very easy and self explanatory. I have a pricing guide to help with pricing your items. Please let me know if you would like a copy.

The clothing is organized by size & gender and sold on racks so it’s easier for the customers to shop.  We have colored balloons directing people to the blue/boys section and pink/girls section. Everything else will be displayed on tables. The sale is very organized.

After the sale is over all of the items that are left behind will be donated to The Jubilee Store in Myerstown. They are non-profit organizations supported by grants and donations. Some people choose to donate their items and some people choose to take their items home. Whatever you would like to do is fine. It’s up to you. The sale is over at 3 pm. Please come back and get your merchandise that did not sell if you do not want your merchandise donated. Anything left after 5:00pm will be donated.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. If you are interested in joining our sale, please let me know and I can assign you a consignor number.

There is a $10 per consignor, per sale, registration fee (one per household). The registration
fee will be taken out of your profit check after the sale. If your profit check is less than $10.00,
then you will have a remaining balance on your account for next sale.

We do ask that you volunteer a few hours at our sale. We need people to run the check-outs, work on the sales floor,…etc…..

Volunteers get to shop at the PRE-SALE, Friday from 3 PM to 8 PM!!!

If you have any girlfriends or neighbors that would like to join please have them contact me. If you have any girlfriends that can not be a consignor BUT still want to shop, have them contact me. If they work the sale they can come shop at our PRE-SALE Friday night.

Click here to request to become a consignor or click here to contact us with any questions!